Flow Visualisation of vortex shedding from generic iced cable.


CESDyn is a research-oriented group working in the field of civil engineering structural dynamics and aerodynamics. The group's research activities are widely based on experimental work investigating dynamic loading and structural response. Experimental testing is in this connection performed on different levels, e.g. as special courses, within MSc and PhD projects, and in frame of research collaboration projects.

The CESDyn Group operates and further develops a laboratory equipped particularly for simulating and testing the dynamic loads and load effects. The dynamic testing laboratory comprises amongst others a small reseach and educational closed-circuit wind tunnel, platforms and person-individual sensors to investigate pedestrian-induced vibration of footbridges, wind monitoring systems on two major bridges in Denmark (Storebælt and Øresund bridge) and small and large exciters to investigate full-scale structural vibrations. Testing is performed at reduced scale, at full-size and as field tests on existing full-scale structures. More and detailed information under “Structural Dynamics Laboratory”.

Our current research areas are:

  • Cable vibrations
  • Human-induced loading of structures
  • Vibration control of structures
  • Full-scale monitoring and dynamic characterisation
  • Wind load effects on cable-supported bridges
  • Blast loading