CESDyn offers a range of commercial services, ranging from the full-scale dynamic testing of large structures to the rental of specialised equipment and lab space. To this end, the academic staff provide specialist consultancy within structural dynamics, wind engineering and vibration control, whilst the group has a large variety of measurement and excitation equipment at its disposal. Selected equipment includes: 

  • A closed-circuit research and educational wind tunnel (max. 40m/s)
  • High-frequency 3-D flow sensors (COBRA probes)
  • Large exciters for full-scale dynamic excitation of structures
  • Walking platforms for vertical and lateral vibrations
  • 50 autonomous tri-axial accelerometers to monitor human and structural motion
  • Stand-alone acceleration and wind monitoring systems
  • 6-degree-of-freedom high capacity load cells
  • Accelerometers with a range of sensitivities (1-g to 200-g)
  • High precision laser distance sensors
  • Uniaxial pendulum shaking table
  • Numerous hydraulic dynamic actuators
  • High-resolution and high-speed camera and video equipment

For more infomation about equipment specification and pricing contact Christos Georgakis or Holger Koss.